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Tamper-Evident Food Packaging: Why Your Restaurant Needs It

In this era of contactless deliveries and food takeaways, if your restaurant or cloud kitchen hasn’t invested in tamper-evident packaging, it is definitely missing out!

These are now ubiquitous, as far as bottled water and carbonated beverages are concerned. For instance, if a bottle of water you purchased comes with a broken seal, you will immediately know someone has tampered with it.

But what about food deliveries, curbside orders, and drive-thrus? Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, these have boomed in popularity. Cloud kitchens, in particular, have been working around the clock to meet the demand for cooked food. However, in addition to this development, concerns around hygiene, freshness, and tampering have also increased. To ensure customer satisfaction, restaurant and cloud kitchen owners must walk the extra mile to offer solutions around these concerns. Enter tamper-evident food packaging.

In this blog, the Food 2.0 Conference shines a light on how tamper-evident packaging is the next step to making the food delivery experience more reliable and transparent.

What Is Tamper-Evident Packaging?

Tamper-evident labels, takeout containers, delivery bags, and even tapes have become the vanguards of food safety. Explained simply, such types of packaging come with special closures which let you know if the seal has been broken or opened. With this, signs of tampering with the intention to steal, contaminate, or cause damage easily become evident.

What we love about tamper-evident packaging is that there is a wide range of options to choose from, some of which (tape and labels) are inexpensive and can be used in tandem with your existing packaging. On the other hand, there are also options such as tamper-evident bags and containers, which can not only ensure hygiene but also keep large quantities of food fresh until it’s ready to be consumed.

As highlighted at several food and beverage conferences, food tampering is a serious problem as it can affect the health of your customers. In addition to this, according to a survey performed by US foods, it was found that at least 30% of delivery drivers take a bite out of the food orders meant for customers who order through apps such as UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub. An increasing percentage of people have expressed concerns about this problem. Restaurants and delivery companies have also admitted that this can cause a lot of damage to their reputation, cause legal issues and even result in loss of customer trust. With tamper-evident packaging, this challenge can be solved to a great extent.

Benefits Of Tamper-Evident Packaging

Whether you are cooking up dishes for takeout or delivering your fares to customers living nearby, tamper-resistant packaging is definitely a blessing in disguise as it does away with the issues posed by traditional packaging. Below are some of the benefits of using tamper-evident packaging:

  • Builds consumer confidence and loyalty

  • Ensures that there is no spillage of food during transit

  • Helps keep food safe

  • Prevents theft

  • May keep airborne contaminants at bay.


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Tanvi Nigam is a food enthusiast who can be found at the trendiest restaurants on weekends! She is currently working with the Food 2.0 Conference which will focus on the latest trends in food & beverages, manufacturing tools and techniques, how to avoid scams and fraud in the F&B industry, and much, much more.